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MSSE spring semester count down

Thursday, December 29th, 2016


Thanks to my MSSE colleague for providing the requirements.  Over the holidays, I am working on a spring semester countdown website.  Looks like Typescript ?  Feels like a little less.  ECMAScript 6 class leaves me a bit confused about the missing private variables that work so nicely with getter and setter.  OK, thanks for reminding me that javascript is different from OOP development in C++.  After the initial learning curve on prior ECMAScript, prototype seems to make sense with ‘this’ or ‘that’ for scope referencing.  The new ECMAScript 6 class seems to have lost some of that capability.

Thanks to Mike Bostock’s excellent D3.js calendar view.  I am using it to illustrate our final count down of spring semester.  Click anywhere on the calendar view to select the date for calculation.  The results are in percentage, minutes, hours and days.  Note, the selected date currently does NOT resolve the current hour and minutes.  The source code of the website is available on Github.

…. but who’s counting ?