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Viewing auto-stereo images on VR headset

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Recently upgraded my google cardboard experience with a Utopia360 Virtual Reality 3D headset for $20 bucks from Microcenter.  Really impressed with WebVR, Android cardboard and daydream sdks.  While there is  lots of content in vextex rendering as well as 360 degree images, I am starting from the tradition auto-stereo images.  Thanks to professor Davidhazy from RIT for giving some that were originally photographed on sliver halide film.

In this exercise, I am loading two sets of images, Andy’s portrait and balloon explosion — highspeed.  The code is implemented in javascript, available on Github, StereoView project.  device orientation triggers next image set upload.  This code is tested on a Samsung Note II with Chrome browser.  Try it out here.