Android Dictation app – Google SpeechRecognizer

Found this great article titled “Develoing Android* Application with Voice Recognition Features”, by Stanislav of Intel.  Included is a SpeechRecognitionHelper class which instantiate and invoke Google SpeechRecongizer service.  Unlike iOS OpenEar library, the free Google SpeechRecognizer service requires internet access but is impressively faster in performance and accuracy.  Apparently offline processing is possible for some devices with Jellybean and later.  Goto Settings->Language and input->Voice search->Offline speech recognition and install your language packet.  Inside the Dictation project Manifest file, comment out this line for internet permission.

<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET” />

Screenshot_2014-09-01-08-35-38 Screenshot_2014-09-01-08-34-50

For features and UI, there are four buttons, Dictate, Last, Clear and Save.  Dictate will invoke the Google SpeechRecognizer service and render/append the interpreted text on to the page.  I am assuming each dictation is a complete sentence and insert a period after.  The Last button will remove your last dictation instance.  The Clear button will remove all dictations.  The save button will write/append all text on screen to file along with a time stamp.  Additional features such as deletion is probably a good idea but not implemented.  Below are some screenshots of the app in operation.

Screenshot_2014-09-01-10-17-59 Screenshot_2014-08-31-19-35-52 Screenshot_2014-08-31-19-37-14 Screenshot_2014-08-31-19-47-20 Screenshot_2014-08-31-19-47-41

Complete Dictation project source maybe found on Github.

Installation of the Dictation app is available on GooglePlay under the yeuchi collection.


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