Google Cardboard

Few years late on this technology but I was still giddy assembling the Google Cardboard.  To my surprise, the price of this cardboard viewer varied from $5.00 – $20.00.  Then there were many other fancier headsets in the price of hundreds.


I bought the generic brand of cardboard viewer.  It arrived with two magnets, lens and perforated lines, minus the 2D barcode.  There was very little assembly required.


No instruction was necessary although I found a rubber band helpful to keep everything together.  I suppose a few stables would work as well but just in case I need to take it apart for storage.20160508_130639

Next came the Cardboard demo software on Google Play.  iPhone version was available as well.


Before attempting any exciting development project(s), my daughter and I have already found hours of entertainment with the various demos provided.  My favorite was the northern lights under the lighthouse.  It reminded me of SplitRock lighthouse, near Duluth.


Anyone has recommendation on purchasing a ‘real’ viewer ?  For development, is it better with iOS vs Android ?  Saw amazing 3D painting tools with Vocativ on facebook, so cool !!

Reading Google Cardboard and SDK documentation.



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